New Orleans, Part 2

Day 2 of my visit to New Orleans involved me spending copious amounts of time sitting in the convention center for a conference, thinking about food, and a visit to Bourbon Street. Let’s be honest here: Bourbon Street is the type of place you visited because it’s iconic and you can’t home and say you skipped it, anymore than you can go to Paris and purposefully avoid the Champs Elysees. In truth, it was dirty, crowded, too loud, and very hard to maneuver (since many of the streets were under construction) and I was sure I was going to take a header into a gutter (cue the foreshadowing for a later post…ahem).

Iconic Bourbon Street
Now the street view….

So my friend and I took a walk over and hunted for something good to eat. I was attracted to a seafood and oyster bar called Bourbon House, so we stopped in for lunch.

Bourbon House Menu

My friend had the Louisiana Wild Berry Salad with bourbon pecans and I had the BBQ Shrimp Po Boy with bourbon-spiked butter sauce. My friend said her salad was delicious but it looked a little small to me. My Po Boy had great flavor (well, anything that has bourbon-spiked butter sauce can’t be bad) but it was a bit over-sauced. The sauce overwhelmed the flavor of the shrimp and the bread; the fries were tasty. However, the highlight was my drink. I opted for the Bourbon Milk and I wanted 20 more. Talk about what would easily be the perfect before-bed drink.

Louisiana Wild Berry Salad with shrimo
Highly sauced BBQ Shrimp Po Boy
The perfection that is Bourbon Milk (before)
Bourbon Milk (within minutes of getting it)

Nope, no hand grenades or foot-high margaritas for us on Bourbon Street but it’s definitely a fun experience to visit at least once. After a day of conference speakers and Bourbon-infused dishes, it was back to the hotel for AC and rest … and some quiet time to plan the next day’s meals.

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