Book Review: Cancer Daily Life

If you, or any loved one (over the age of 12) in your life, has cancer, Carola Schmidt’s Cancer Daily Life is a perfect book to give them. A quick read, it’s a series of short comics that reflect truthfully on life with cancer, this is a sweetly funny, very touching, and completely relatable illustrated account of life with the illness.

Sometimes you want to give something to a friend or relative but know they are tired of flowers and can’t eat the candy and don’t need another blanket. Well, this book would be the perfect gift: something they can read and talk over. As a cancer survivor myself, I related to much of what Carola puts in here and I think this humorous but thought-provoking book would be a welcome gift for anyone fighting this battle. In addition, this book would be great for a child/young adult with cancer to share with siblings to help them understand what their brother or sister is currently going through.

Thank you to the author for asking me to review her work. I am pleased to highly recommend it.

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