Book Review: Honeycake A Circle of Trust

This is the fourth book in the charming Honeycake series but the first I’ve had the opportunity to read. I found it delightful and I will be reading and buying all four books in the series for the children in my life. Honeycake: A Circle of Trust by Medea Kalantar is a sweet book with a wonderfully important message to children on being open and honest with parents or grandparents. This story follows a precious little girl named Nala as she learns about truth and honesty from her loving parents.

Bright, colorful, and nicely illustrated, this book will appeal to young children who will certainly want to read it over and over. Parents can use the message in this book as as good starting point to set up a circle of trust with their own children so they can feel comfortable opening up about scary or troubling things in their lives. Teachers and counselors may also find this book useful when working with young children.

I look forward to seeing additional entries in the Honeycake series.

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